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Meet Annie Yang,
Founder & President of A-Frame Bookkeeping Services
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Running your own business takes vision, drive, and a healthy dose of guts!  Having user-friendly systems and organizational tools is only part of what’s helpful. Are you looking for business strategies to grow your vision? What about finding ways to maximize profits and cut cost?

Don’t forget financial reporting! Is your data showcasing your borrowing potential? Do your reports satisfy your accountant and protect you from aggressive creditors? Do you understand your own P&L’s?  Do all of those numbers help drive and inspire you? If not, we need to talk!

I’m just like you…an entrepreneur with a vision. My vision is to limit your paperwork, help you wrangle your business operations into streamlined efficiency, enable you to live your entrepreneurial dream, focused on business creativity and targeted growth, with data that you can use and trust!

My 10+ years in business consulting and service-driven bookkeeping has fueled my Strategista and Efficiency Queen sensibilities.  It’s also allowed me help small business owners enjoy scaled growth, navigate business changes, and make complete business pivots with success!  

Circumstances always bring opportunities. I won’t let you lose sight of your options no matter what life is serving up in a given moment.

"Annie has helped me reduce my bookkeeping and accounting costs by implementing easy technology into my business! She's all about efficiencies and stream lining your work flow ... I can maintain my books now on my phone, when I'm traveling, etc.  She's the best!"

Robyn Richardson, President, Studio 92 Photography


Call me NOW for a confidential talk with an all-options are on-the-table mindset! Call me at (818) 380-8043 today!

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